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The benefits of having a good business lawyer

As a business person, you’re confronted with dozens of decisions every day.  Some are relatively minor, but others can have a big and long lasting impact on your business.  Even if you’re in a small, family owned business, you need to be paying attention to those decisions with the utmost care to ensure your business remains healthy and vital for years to come.

No matter if you’re a small Palm Springs business, or a big company with millions of dollars in sales, chances are you have an accountant to help you with bookkeeping, a banker to help with cash flow and expansion plans, and several others specialists to assist you in your daily operations.

But one of the key individuals you should not overlook is having an outstanding and experienced business lawyer as part of your team as well.  Business attorneys can serve in a wide variety of functions from the first days of a start-up to advising owners who have been in business for many years.

A business lawyer will easily prove their worth with routine legal issues, but when a stronger legal stance is required, lawyers add value far beyond their hourly billing rate.  Their expertise is especially timely when dealing with matters such as lawsuits, financial disputes, licensing issues, employee relations, intellectual property issues, environmental concerns, property and zoning legalities, and more.

Because a business owner is emotionally attached to their business, and they need to be to succeed, a seasoned and well-rounded attorney can be counted on to do their job without the emotional component, ensuring that decisions based on facts will steer the business in the right direction.

Because lawyers handle many different types of situations, that impartiality is also important in helping an owner make decisions that may extend well beyond legal issues as well.

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What Palm Springs residents need to know about estate planning

With the help of an experienced estate planning lawyer, people of all ages and levels of wealth should have an estate plan in place.  Here are some things you should know about estate planning to help guide your efforts.

  • Whether you realize it or not, you already have an estate. It is comprised of everything that you own, including your home, car, valuables, personal possessions, and monetary assets.  If you don’t manage these assets, then when you pass away or become incapacitated, the state of California will decide how to distribute your assets for you, which may or may not be in accordance with your wishes.
  • An estate plan gives your heirs the best possible way to pay the least amount of taxes, legal fees and other costs, allowing them to retain as much of the estate as possible.
  • A will is an important part of an estate plan, but it is only one small part of the estate planning process. Having only a will means there would still be a lengthy and unpredictable probate process.
  • Estate plans can be valuable to you and your heirs even before you pass away. They contain an effective set of directions that can be carried out if you also become disabled or incapacitated.
  • The best estate planning tool a person can use is a revocable living trust. It will help family members avoid probate and will eliminate interference by the court system into your personal affairs.  It is relatively easy to change and is valid no matter what state you ultimately live in.
  • Trusts can clearly define who and how you want your assets to be disbursed. This can prevent spouses, creditors and others from tapping into your estate.  You can also set up directives that delay the disbursement of assets until beneficiaries reach the age you want them to inherit the assets of your estate.

Dale Gribow, Attorney at Law proudly serves Palm Springs and surrounding California communities.

Why it’s important to retain a real estate lawyer

There are two things that are common to the vast majority of real estate transactions.

First, for most people, this represents the single largest transaction they will make in their lives.  Second, unless they or a close relative are in the real estate business, chances are they will not be familiar with all of the paperwork that is involved in a real estate transaction.

While the vast majority of real estate transactions in Palm Springs go through the process smoothly, they all have the potential to hit snags that can cause delays or result in one of the parties suffering significant financial damages.  Bringing an experienced real estate lawyer on board at the outset of any real estate transaction can be an important insurance policy for protecting the well-being of parties involved in the deal.

While there is value in an attorney reviewing the paperwork common to all real estate transactions, their value will be even more apparent when a deal becomes complicated or threatens to go sideways.

For example, many real estate deals that are misrepresented, often times result in litigation.  Whether the misrepresentation is innocent, negligent or fraudulent, when details that can have a big impact on the value of the property are not disclosed, damages can and will result in many cases.

Some examples where this may exist can include structural deficiencies, the presence of asbestos, lead paint or groundwater contamination.

In other instances, when certain parties are discriminated against, fair housing legal options may be the best course of action to resolve cases where a particular class of people has been discriminated against due to their age, ethnicity, religion or other characteristics.

Although there will be fees involved when retaining an attorney, they are aform of insurance that guarantees that a major transaction in concluded properly.

Dale Gribow, Attorney at Law proudly serves Palm Springs and surrounding California communities.


What to look for before you hire a personal injury lawyer

Although there are many excellent lawyers in the Palm Springs area, unless you pick one that’s right for your kind of legal issue, you could wind up spending thousands of dollars and not get the legal defense you’re looking for.

Some of the more common types of cases that lawyers handle are those involving personal injury claims.  Just like with other types of legal issues, there are several things you should look for before you hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you.

Experience.  While their enthusiasm may be admirable, your issue is too important to trust to a lawyer who has just passed the State Bar exam.  You’ll want someone who has several years of experience, and who has the special training beyond what they learned in law school.  For example, some lawyers choose to focus on medical malpractice as a specialty of personal injury law; while others may focus on auto accidents or premises liability.

Relevancy. Even with personal injury experience on their side, you’ll want to know if an attorney you’re considering has dealt with a case specifically like yours.  If your personal injury case is the result of a slip and fall, then you’ll want to find a lawyer who has experience handling slip and fall cases in the past.  Attorneys with this kind of specialized knowledge tend to receive greater settlements for their clients than those without relevant experience.

Success rate.  It’s not only a matter of winning the case that determines a successrate, it’s also the dollar amount of the settlement that they were able to achieve.  You want to find an attorney who can get you the maximum compensation for your circumstances, instead of an attorney who is all too happy to settle at the first chance they get.

Dale Gribow, Attorney at Law proudly serves Palm Springs and surrounding California communities.

Identifying defendants in a truck accident case

Truck accident cases in Palm Springs share many of the same characteristics as car accidents in that the basis for collecting a judgment rests on the concept of proving negligence.

Simply put, proving negligence means proving that the truck driver and his company owed the plaintiff (and everyone else on the road) the duty to execute a reasonable amount of care to keep others from getting injured.  Once proven, which in most cases is a given, it must be proven that the defendant failed to exercise that standard of reasonable care.  And finally, it must be proven that not executing that standard was the direct cause of the injuries and damages suffered by the plaintiff.

However, because a fully loaded truck can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds versus a car that typically will weigh about 3,000 pounds, there are notable differences in the types of accidents, injuries and deaths that occur when a big rig is involved.  For legal purposes, and this will vary from case to case, a truck accident lawyer should focus on who all the potential defendants are.

On the surface, this sounds relatively easy.  Of course, the driver must be a defendant, but there are many other possibilities as well.  In many cases, liability can also rest with the driver’s employer, whether that is a trucking company, any kind of commercial business, or in any situation where trucks are used to conduct business.  In those cases, insurance companies representing those interests may be on the hook for compensating you as well.  It is important to show that the company exercised some form of control over the driver instead of a truck driver being declared as an independent contractor.

Dale Gribow, Attorney at Law proudly serves Palm Springs and surrounding California communities.

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