Loyal and Ethical

It is my good fortune to have known Dale Gribow for close to 30 years. I have had a most blessed and lucky career and have met and worked with and consulted with many people in every area of life. Dale Gribow is perhaps one of the most ethical men I know - his loyalty and integrity cannot be matched. I highly recommend Dale and I'm proud to call him a friend.

-Jerold Franks, Roanoke, VA

Knowledgeable & Honest

Dale is a wealth of legal knowledge and has unflappable integrity. A great human being and an honest businessman. 

-Kevin Rochlitz- Real Estate Agent

Highly Recommend

My experience with the Law Office of Dale Gigrow was superb. His pricing and understanding on a scale of 1 - 10, is a perfect 10. I would recommend Mr.Gibrow to everyone I know personally. Thank you Dale Gibrow and Associates.

-Renee A.

Friend & Mentor

Dale S. Gribow, Esq., is not only a friend and mentor but my first stop for any potential litigation in the Palm Springs area. He is by far the best and works with a team of professionals that are outstanding. Thank you Mr. Gribow, you truly are a seasoned professional and I fully endorse you and your firm!

-Charles J.

Excellent Service

Provides excellent legal knowledge & services

-Law Offices Michael Leventhal

Honest & Upfront

I was working with Dale Gribow on a case that was so complex and could have been a lot worse. He worked hard to get my case handled and it could not have turned out better. I could have lost my career over this. I have so much gratitude for how he handled this and highly recommend his service.


Professional & Efficient

I had the best experience with Attorney Dale Gribow. He gave me all my options and helped me in every way possible. I highly recommend him. Great guy overall, he took care of my issue in a heartbeat.


Experienced & Professional

Working with Dale Gribow and his associates has been the most pleasurable experience. They followed up with everything accordingly and were able to satisfy my case to the fullest extent. They are very professional and they have helped me through the most difficult time of my life to this point, relieving me of the court pressures and helping me achieve what noticeably couldn't have been done from anyone else. Thank you so much Dale and Dave! You guys rock!!!


Honest & Kind Service

Mr. Dale Gribow restored my faith in humanity with his honesty and kindness. He helped me with my daughter's case. I live in Los Angeles but I contacted him because the incident was in the jurisdiction of Riverside County. Thank you Mr. Gribow for your generosity in helping reduce the cost for her case. She is a student and needed that very much! Also thank you for taking care of the case efficiently and quickly and thank you for the communication through it all!


Professional & Caring

We just finished a case with Dale and he was wonderful. While it didn't get dismissed as we had hoped the charge was taken down & we are finally finished & can put it behind us. I thought Dale was very professional, caring & honest. I would use him again & recommend him highly.


Top Notch Service

Mr Gribow and his team are top notch. They are as professional, courteous, and respectful, as they are respectable. Most of my life I did not really care much for attorneys, however, from our first discussion I felt comfortable placing my trust in him to help me through a legal situation that could have gone very wrong if I did not have experienced council. Dale and his team are genuinely good people that worked on my behalf to represent me towards my best interest within the framework of law and justice. I have no doubt that if am ever in need of legal representation I will not hesitate to contact him again, and I would recommend anyone to seek his help to unravel themselves from a mess they got themselves in or have been tangled into.


He Really Cares

"I was rear-ended about 2 years ago and suffered multiple injuries. The most severe was my neck that required months of therapy done by a chiropractor. My path to recovery has been emotionally harder than the physical pain endured by the accident but Dale and his team have shown me incredibe support throughout the process. He was able to secure policy limits from both claims he made on my behalf. Dale fought hard for me and my family. He explained every step thoroughly and made sure that I was comfortable with the process. When I called his office I was always greeted by a warm voice and, when needed, he spoke with me directly. I never once felt alone in my fight and Dale made every effort he could to help me through this difficult process. All I wanted was for my family not to be in debt due to my medical bills, but I was blessed with more than I could ever imagine. If you have a legitimate claim and you want the best then Dale Gribow is your guy. Why settle for less when you can have the best."


Very Professional and Knowledgeable

I recently had a complex DUI case that I knew I needed expert help with to achieve the results that I was looking for.  I immediately thought of Dale Gribow. I hired him and boy what a big relief he gave to me. Dale has been practicing law for 30+ years and specializes in DUI cases.  Dale was very professional and knowledgeable on what needed to be done to save me from pure disaster. He knew all too well how to turn my case right side up. I cannot believe the results he was able to achieve for me.  He achieved, what is known to other Attorneys, as the impossible. I am so grateful to Dale for his devotion to my case. If you want the best here he is, Dale Gribow. I will always use him in the future and be proud that he is representing me. He doesn't lose, he WINS!

Thanks for a excellent job that you did for me!

-Bruce S.

Compassion and A Mastery of Law

Dale Gribow is just like those attorneys you see lionized in countless movies and TV shows, the ones who come to the rescue with compassion and a mastery of law. Our family has experienced Dale’s rescue and we esteem him highly.

-Stewart and Ellie W.

Professional and Personal

I've known Dale Gribow For 25yrs Both Professionally & Personally. He is Honest, Sincere, and his Clients Always Come 1st. If Your In Need Of Legal Advice or Representation, I Highly Recommend That You Contact His Office, and See For Yourself. Again Thank You Mr. Gribow

-Cecil Noyola

Calming presence

Dale Gribow's calming presence and his mastery of the law are so reassuring in times of crisis. Our family is eternally grateful for his help and his effectiveness.

-Stewart Weiner

Go-To Lawyer

Mr. Gribow takes interest on your situation and doesn’t make you feel that your just another client. You can tell right away his experience from just a consultation. He is the lawyer to go to.


Experienced and kind

Dale Gribow 5 stars! He's experienced and kind. He was there for me and my family when we needed support. God bless you Dale!

-Geofrey Imeson

Mr. Gribow is a person of integrity and skill as an attorney. I highly recommend his services.

-Jon Perlman, M.D. of Jon A. Perlman, MD FACS Diplomate Am Bd of Plastic Surgery

I have known Dale Gribow for more than a decade. His knowledge and abilities are totally trustworthy. I would feel completely confident were he to handle any legal matters for which I might have need

-Nanci Sorin Collyer

We have worked with Dale for many years. He is a fantastic attorney and person. I would recommend him to anyone looking for his service.

-All Card Processing, Palm Desert

Dale Gribow has been my lead attorney for over twenty years providing me with personal and business advice, helping me form a corporation and even helping when I was involved in an accident when I was rear-ended by an impaired elderly driver. He is a good listener and is very compassionate.

-Ric Mandelbaum

Knowledgeable, Honest and Friendly

Dale has been invaluable for my issues. He is knowledgeable, honest and friendly. His advice is remarkable and "right on." I would never hesitate in sending people his way when they need his services.

-Rich Gordon from A Fair Way Mediation Center

Very Good

Very good attorney. That's why I refer him

-Dominick Mancuso

Very Compassionate

Dale Gribow has been my lead attorney for over twenty years providing me with personal and business advice, helping me form a corporation and even helping when I was involved in an accident when I was rear-ended by an impaired elderly driver. He is a good listener and is very compassionate.

-American Saver

Best in the Desert

With 50 years experience he is the best criminal law lawyer in the desert.

-Joel Johnson Attorney


A world class attorney.

-Stuart Rowlands from Stuart Rowlands Public Relations

Gets the job done

Dale G gets the job done.... Law office of Dale Gribow their the best of the best


Cares about clients

I've known Dale for many years. He is a wonderful man who cares about his client.


Friendly and Knowledgeable

Have gotten to know Mr. Gribow at various local events & he is very friendly and knowledgable in his


-Dean Apple Magician

Heard many good things

I have heard so many good things about this man. I encourage that kind of feed back.


Knowledgeable in His Field

Dale Gribow is an excellent attorney who is very experienced and knowledgeable in his field.

-Roy P Shapiro from Globalsimbio