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Business and real estate matters require an attorney who has a true and complete understanding of not only real estate transactions, but the laws that govern real estate, commercial law and general business law. Your attorney should know California law inside and out and be deeply familiar with commercial transactions, loans, mortgage broker communications and related matters. With a proven track record of success, my law firm provides skilled legal representation for business and real estate issues.

Protecting Business Interests Every Step Of The Way

I understand the difficulties that business owners go through in regards to commercial real estate transactions. I am here to protect your interests, whether through contract preparation, legal advice, aggressive negotiations or in the courtroom. I negotiate, review and prepare a broad range of business and commercial contracts, including sales contracts, supply and vendor contracts, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, employment contracts and license agreements. I provide counsel when businesses seek to expand and help companies through winding down and dissolution proceedings.

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My firm delivers timely and cost-effective solutions in contracts and transactions. I emphasize thorough investigation and meticulous planning to conclude client matters without litigation when possible. In short, I am an aggressive defender of clients' rights and interests in negotiations, trial and appeals.

I am here to help you achieve your business goals, protect your financial interests and plan for the future. Contact me to find out how I can put my knowledge and experience to work for you.

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