The government has a responsibility to its citizens, to protect them. If you want to drink at home great. But if you want to drink and then get on the public roads and maybe harm or kill someone, then it is incumbent on the government to protect all of us from Drunk Drivers.

We do that with DUI laws preventing drivers from Drinking and Driving. Remember you don’t have to be drunk. You merely have to be impaired. When does that occur? …when it affects your ability to drive. The law has determined that to be a .08 blood alcohol reading. For many people that will be by their third drink………and for some, their second.

The universal symbol of justice has scales to weigh the evidence on both sides of legal matters. The common theme in all areas of law is Balancing. We all recognize the symbol of Lady Justice balancing each sides arguments.

The law balances the pros and cons of everything…even vaccines! If you don’t get vaccinated, then you are exposing other members of society, your family, and friends. Balance that against mandating vaccines for the better good of society. Balance the inconvenience of one group to the substantial possibility of their being a carrier or getting Covid themselves.

The vaccines are no different than so many of the vaccines we have been getting since childhood. Whoever asked what was in the Polio Vaccine? We accept that if the CDC and other governmental entities approved the vaccine then it is safe.

Nothing is 100%, but statistics show that the vast majority of those in the hospital with COVID, are unvaccinated…….coincidence? I think not. Yes, you may still get covid but it will almost certainly be a mild case and not require hospitalization and intubations requiring a hole in your throat.

Not everyone who gets the shot is totally protected from getting Covid. However, if you do, the symptoms will be much less severe and almost certainly not involve hospitalization. Statistics show that 99% of those in the hospital for Covid are Unvaccinated. The shots are not a political issue but rather a scientific one.

I just learned a few hours ago of yet another person I knew, who at 53, passed away this week from COVID. This is no HOAX, as some would have you believe. Even US Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh has tested positive in the last week…and he was vaccinated! However, he has no symptoms.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there. Alex Jones, the Conspiracy Theorist, who said the school shooting a few years ago was a HOAX, was just ordered to pay a large amount of money to parents of children killed in the school shooting. It appears he made up the idea that there was no school shooting and that the shooting was another government hoax.

I’m not sure who first suggested all the things that were allegedly wrong with the shots and whether is was intentionally a lie or not. However, 99% of the doctors urge us to all get vaccinated.