Be Safe Driving During July 4th 2014 Celebrations!

The 4TH OF July is around the corner. It is a holiday where our neighbors do not always use good common sense while celebrating the birth of our nation. We all attend BBQ’S AND parties and eat and drink with impunity. We do not plan ahead and think of how much we have had to drink and instinctively get behind the wheel and drive home. We honestly believe the beers or margaritas we consumed did not affect us until we get stopped or get in an accident. So drive extra carefully during that weekend.

I use to open my LEGAL Radio Show with “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”. So plan ahead today so that you plan for a designated driver or use the services of one of the limo or driver for hire services if you are not going to take a taxi.

When there is an accident with a DUI the police and DA often takes months to investigate the case BEFORE filing a DUI charge. Unfortunately the DA does not always send the driver a notice that the case has been filed. Thus many people assume there was no filing and they have a VALID CDL. If one gets cited/arrested for a DUI your license is taken from you and a pink piece of paper is given to you explaining your license is valid for 30 days and then suspended for 4-5 months. You must contact DMV and request a hearing in San Bernardino or Palm Spring and a STAY …within 10. Without the STAY after 30 days you are driving on a suspended license for which you could be arrested and sentenced to 10 days in jail. In California they do not have to send the arrestee Notice of the Suspension of their driver’s license.

After an adverse DMV FINDING from a DUI Hearing OR after a 1st time COURT CONVICTION the DMV in Sacramento will suspend your California Driver’s License for 4-5 months. However after the 30 day Suspension you can get a restricted license to drive to and from work and classes. Contact me for the ABC’s of a DUI which I would be happy to send to you.

If you are Arrested-DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE OTHER THAN YOUR LAWYER as Law enforcement officers and prosecutors are not your friends no matter how much they tell you they are. Remember they are just trying to make a case to support the arrest.


If you are involved in an accident use your cell phone to take picture of the cars and parties. You can use your phone to record the names, address, emails and phone number of all parties and wits….as well as recording their admissions. IF you are injured you should go to the hospital or ER. Prepare a summary of your injuries starting with the top of your head going down to the bottom of your toes and list what is hurting you then call a lawyer.

The bottom line is 


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