You too may have experienced more motorist on the road, speeding, swerving in and out, and driving recklessly. This is all happening as we have been exiting (and returning) to Covid protocols.

When I represent a new client on an accident case, I explain that Life is like a glass of water. One second before the accident your glass was full with responsibilities, to your wife, kids, work, best friend, nonprofits etc. How do you fit all these extra responsibilities into your glass?

Now, that you have been in an accident, you are inundated with new responsibilities. You have to see a doctor or hospital, you need PT, you need to retain a lawyer, you have to cancel and or ski trips or vacations as well as dinner obligations, because of your pain etc.

These all cause your glass to overflow. What happens then? Well, some people innocently take it out on those closest to them…their wife and kids.

You probably would NOT yell at your best friend or coworkers. However, you  have no problem yelling at your spouse or kids. You don’t even realize this is happening because the glass is overflowing…… happened to me.

I came home and was asked, Honey, did you have a good day? I responded, what the heck do you mean? How could I have a good day? I had responsibilities at the office and had to go to the doctor and wait for 3 hours to be seen and I was still in pain etc.

Police tell us that from the East Coast to the West Coast, there are more drivers going over 100mph than ever before. Why you ask? Is it because of the Pandemic and all of us having a case of PTSD? We have all been stuck at home. In our home, when my wife or I, go to the doctor or the market, that is a big outing.

Is it because we have all lost control. Has this invisible virus governed how and whether we work, how our kids are educated and how and if we travel and dine out, let alone socialize with friends we have not seen in a year?

Many would argue that the Delta strain has been a sucker punch to the gut just as freedom was within our reach. Could Covid have caused RAGE with RECKLESS DRIVING an off shoot of all this? We are all looking for someone to BLAME…..Trump, Fauci and those in the opposing political party.

The Tale of Two Cities said it best, as I paraphrase “These have been the Best of Times and the Worst of Times”. It has brought out the best in humanity for some as well as the rage and derelicts by our neighbors.

Though Covid has not caused the DUI’s, it is arguable that the stress that Covid brought is A FACTOR in the increase of unsafe driving, with more people driving impaired. Of course, since I focus my practice on ACCIDENTS and DUI’s, I am not complaining. However, no lawyer wants to see more accidents on the road or more people driving recklessly and getting stopped and arrested for a DUI.

We have to all be aware of when the glass is spilling over, and we unconsciously act out of character. Now that you are aware of this, maybe you can follow my favorites saying, that I share with all clients... “People don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.” Be aware of a possible glass overflowing and act accordingly.