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For motorcycle riders, the love of the open road comes with increased risks

Dale Gribow Nov. 5, 2016

The love of the open road and the feeling of freedom that comes from riding a motorcycle have always been an allure for riders of all ages. But with that sense of freedom, there are increased dangers to riding with minimal protection. In fact, studies have shown that motorcycle riders are over thirty times more likely to die in an accident than people driving or riding in a car.

Despite enhanced safety measures in California, including laws that require all riders and their passengers to wear approved helmets, due to heavy volumes of traffic, motorcycle accidents are still a common occurrence in Palm Springs and throughout the state.

While motorcycle accidents can share many of the same characteristics as car accidents, there are also some major differences as to how motorcycle accidents and riders are treated.

Just as it is with a car accident, the job of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney will be to prove that the accident was committed due to the negligent actions of the other party. What is different is that because it is recognized that motorcycles provide much less protection than cars, courts often times will take into account the added risk of riding a motorcycle, holding car drivers more accountable for not being extra vigilant. The courts also understand that motorcycle riders have taken extra safety courses and always ride under a flag of caution due to their added vulnerability.

All of these standards tend to place burdens more directly on the shoulders of car drivers who are involved in accidents with motorcycle riders.

Armed with these facts, an attorney representing a motorcycle rider can have the upper hand in court proceedings and when attempting to negotiate a settlement for medical bills, pain and suffering and related costs associated with an accident.

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