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Why it’s important to retain a real estate lawyer

Dale Gribow Oct. 25, 2016

There are two things that are common to the vast majority of real estate transactions.

First, for most people, this represents the single largest transaction they will make in their lives. Second, unless they or a close relative are in the real estate business, chances are they will not be familiar with all of the paperwork that is involved in a real estate transaction.

While the vast majority of real estate transactions in Palm Springs go through the process smoothly, they all have the potential to hit snags that can cause delays or result in one of the parties suffering significant financial damages. Bringing an experienced real estate lawyer on board at the outset of any real estate transaction can be an important insurance policy for protecting the well-being of parties involved in the deal.

While there is value in an attorney reviewing the paperwork common to all real estate transactions, their value will be even more apparent when a deal becomes complicated or threatens to go sideways.

For example, many real estate deals that are misrepresented, often times result in litigation. Whether the misrepresentation is innocent, negligent or fraudulent, when details that can have a big impact on the value of the property are not disclosed, damages can and will result in many cases.

Some examples where this may exist can include structural deficiencies, the presence of asbestos, lead paint or groundwater contamination.

In other instances, when certain parties are discriminated against, fair housing legal options may be the best course of action to resolve cases where a particular class of people has been discriminated against due to their age, ethnicity, religion or other characteristics.

Although there will be fees involved when retaining an attorney, they are aform of insurance that guarantees that a major transaction in concluded properly.

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