Is entering a plea in a DUI case the best option?


California residents who have been charged with DUI will have a number of legal decisions to make in the process of resolving the issues at hand. Some individuals may choose to fight the charges, while others may choose to enter a plea, which could result in minimizing the the potential consequences. Each of these decisions serves a valuable purpose, but which is considered the best decision for a DUI case?

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer for that question. Every DUI case is different and a one-size-fits-all attitude simply doesn’t work. For some individuals, fighting the charges could result in a complete case dismissal, while others may fight and lose. Entering a plea pursuant to an agreement with prosecutors, depending on the facts of the case, simply may offer the best possible outcome.

A California lawmaker recently made the decision to plead to a lesser charge regarding his DUI case. Instead of fighting the charges, he pleaded no contest, which resulted in him receiving a sentence that includes probation instead of jail time, mandatory participation in an alcohol education course and a minimal fine. This decision simply made sense to him and his particular situation.

Entering a plea agreement is not always an appropriate option for DUI cases, but for some, it may provide a superior resolution to the charges at hand. An experienced criminal defense attorney can offer legal guidance to California residents who are facing DUI-related criminal charges. The information offered can help those accused of impaired driving make the best possible decision regarding their specific circumstances.


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