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Mayor of Murrieta, CA steps down after DUI Posted in Drunk Driving Charges

Dale Gribow Nov. 6, 2014

To the southwest of Palm Desert, California is the city of Murrieta. Boasting roughly 100,000 people, this is an area that demands attention from its local government. However, the mayor of Murrieta, Alan Long, recently stepped down from his position because of a drunk driving charge.

Long was driving his car a few weeks ago when he was involved in a crash that left four people injured. He remained at the scene and cooperated with police, but they arrested him on drunken driving charges. His case will be heard on Dec. 11 — but in the meantime, Long will no longer be involved in city politics. He stepped down from his position as mayor and as a city council member.

The resignation may not be all that surprising, given the distraction that a DUI charge would have brought the city and Long. However, this story does highlight the indirect consequences of a drunk driving incident.

Long has lost his job, and his reputation is forever tainted as a result. We’re not condoning drunk driving by any means — but drunk driving is a mistake. It is an act that offenders later regret. Most people reform their ways after a DUI charge. And yet the charge has a way of following them around wherever they go, ruining their chances at getting a new job (or even keeping their current one) or finding a place to live.

No matter who you are and no matter what the circumstances are surrounding your DUI case, you should consult a criminal defense attorney to ensure your rights are protected and to maximize your chances of reducing the damage brought on by such a charge.