You may be under the impression that young adults who are of drinking age are really irresponsible when it comes to designated drivers. You may think that they just disregard the concept of a designated driver, instead choosing to drive themselves when they go out to a bar, or with a group of friends — all of whom enjoy a drink or two.

However, a new survey reveals that this is not true, or at least that this age group is becoming more aware of the importance of designated drivers. According to the survey, which was performed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), about half of people aged at least 21 who responded to the survey said they acted as a designated driver during the past year. At the same time, 39 percent said they used a designated driver in the past year.

This is certainly great news, as it shows that people of drinking age are becoming more aware of the risks involved with drunk driving, and it also shows a willingness of people to give up their ability to enjoy a beverage or two to ensure that everyone remains safe. Designated drivers, it would seem, are finally having their moment in the sun.

To piggy back on what this survey is reporting, we want to urge people all across California to always get a designated driver lined up if you are considering going out to enjoy some alcoholic beverages. It will keep you safe, as well as keep other people safe who share the road with you.