In Palm Springs, if you’re injured in a car accident, it can be an emotionally charged event that can create chaos in your world.  You will be dealing with several things that will be uncomfortable and intimidating as you move through the process.  And that’s exactly why you need to hire a personal injury attorney to help you with your claim and all that comes with it.

An experienced attorney can assist you in many ways.  Although it’s a bit obvious, the first benefit you’ll enjoy is the peace of mind that an attorney will bring to you by virtue of their knowledge of the law.  They will know what statutes to apply, what questions to ask, what legal actions to take and what the best course of action will be based on a vast wealth of acquired knowledge and experience.

That experience will also extend to working with and negotiating with insurance companies and with lawyers on the opposing side.  An attorney will understand what it takes to reach a fair and equitable settlement for your injuries because they will know what it takes based on many other similar cases.

Also, just by having an attorney present, an insurance company is less likely to try and take advantage of you or put you in an unfavorable position that could cost you a large sum of money you might otherwise be entitled to.

In those instances, where you can’t reach a settlement with an insurance company, an attorney will have the tools and the resources necessary to not only bring a case to trial, but to you give a fighting chance at winning your court case.  Their experience will benefit you in getting the full amount you’re entitled to for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Dale Gribow, Attorney at Law proudly serves Palm Springs and surrounding California communities.