If you use Uber or Lyft, you should learn these safety tips, before getting into the rideshare car. We have all read about the recent allegations, and charges of driver-involved assaults, imposters posing as drivers, and violent altercations between passengers and drivers.  Thus all passengers should take proper safety precautions.
When Placing 
You Order, It Is Important You Confirm the Driver's Name and Make of Vehicle, because there have been numerous recent reports of imposters posing as rideshare drivers. For your protection, both Uber and Lyft provide details on the driver's name and make of vehicle, as well a photo identification. Lyft drivers have a brightly-colored LED light mounted on their dashboards. When you call for a ride, the color in the Lyft app will match the color of the LED device in the driver's car, thus helping rideshare passengers feel safe that they are getting into a safe car.
Check the Driver's Rating. as Uber and Lyft ratings can be used to determine the quality and safety of the ride. Before the car arrives you should check the driver’s rating.  Cancel the ride if the rating shows a low score or red flags that make you uncomfortable. Then call another a different Lyft or Uber car.
Don’t Ride in the Front Seat, because there have been reports of various types of sexual assaults including unwanted behaviors, groping, and aggressive touching on passengers who ride in the front seat. Most reports of sexual assaults come from female passengers with alleged assaults perpetrated by male drivers.
If Possible, Travel in Groups, because there is safety in numbers. Consider sharing a ride with friends when going out at night. You can use the carpool option through Uber Pool or Lyft Line I going out alone. This sharing is recommended for women who ride later at night.
Follow the Route. You can now follow the route through a maps app by simply opening the maps tool on a phone or laptop. You can input your destination and follow the route the driver is taking. If there are suspicious route changes that signal discomfort or potential danger, passengers should call 911.
Share Trip Details with Family or Friends by tapping “Share Status” in the mobile app. The driver's name, license plate number, location, and photo will be relayed to family and friends. Lyft riders can send a text message to family and friends by tapping the “Send ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) ” icon on the bottom bar. The text will show a link to the rider's current route and location. If a passenger is using a rideshare service without an app, that shares route and location information, the passenger can snap a quick photo of the vehicle’s license plate with his/her phone and send the photo along with additional details to a family member or friend for added safety.


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