You have probably heard this before, but the “you are not just a number” phrase has never been more important than when you are facing Criminal charges OR have been involved in a serious Auto/Motorcycle/Truck/Dog Bite Accident. Then you need to hire the best lawyer possible. I know this because in the past I had 30 people working for me. I would try to be involved in every intake interview, but I was sometimes in court or trial when a new case came into the office.

Thus. there were cases that fell through the cracks. Cases where I had not met the client on day one. Of course, the facts of the new case were reviewed by me, when I got back to the office and I directed the strategy on criminal cases. On auto accident cases I suggested medical providers, with whom the client should consult on a lien. By doing this the client did not have to come “out of pocket” for any expense.

However, it was not the one to one relationship I have today. A relationship that developed after I shed myself from having a large office and limited the number of clients I would accept. Today I have, and take the time, so that I am the only one the client meets. The only one that works on their case.

When an experienced trial lawyer meets a prospective client, they try to size them up… just as the prospective client does with the lawyer they are interviewing. I consider how “saleable” they would be to a jury? In other words if I had to go to trial would the jury like or dislike them? Do they look like the boy or girl next door? Were they clean cut? How did they dress? How did they explain themselves? Were they believable? Did they have tattoos? Did the guys have earrings or nose rings? Etc

That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with any of those conditions? However, a mainstream jury often looks at more than just the facts. Many years ago, after a trial that I won that I should have lost, I questioned the jurors outside the courtroom. I asked them what convinced them to favor my client? The answers I received shocked me.

One juror said they like the way my client looked and did not think they would lie. Another said they liked me more than the other attorney. One went on to say my shoes were polished and the other attorneys were scuffed? My belt was new and the other attorney had a worn-out belt. One said the other attorney had a stain on his tie! In other words, things that had nothing to do with the case itself.

Throughout the entire legal process, clients will have numerous questions or concerns regarding their situation or the current status of their case. Many times those questions come after-hours or on the weekends. Clients of attorney Dale Gribow will always have access to me during these trying times. I pride ourselves on the fact that I am always just a phone call away!

A larger firm has many lawyers—this can lead to more items falling through the cracks because no single attorney feels responsible for your case. However, the “that is not my client-not my responsibility” mentality does not occur at the Law Office of Dale Gribow. I meet/talk with you personally every time. I know your file, the facts, and will always be willing to answer any questions you may have.

One good thing that came out of Covid is my having a complete home office and being able to field calls all the time. I feel strongly that my small firm, hands-on approach, is the only business model that truly works to maximize results for my clients! You don’t have to worry about lawyers and the support staff working on the same page with one another—knowing the case files and the upcoming dates. Cases should be prepared as if each one of them are going to trial. There is no other way to run a successful Criminal or PI firm!