Domestic violence by any standard is an ugly part of society.  Many times, it goes unchecked for months and years at a time.  And unfortunately, sometimes those situations end tragically.

When people think of domestic violence, they think it only involves physical abuse between two family members, most times a husband and a wife.  But domestic violence can be defined more broadly than that.  All that is required is for there to be a victim; victims can be children, parents, siblings or an elderly relative.  And it is not limited to just physical abuse.  Domestic violence can include intimidation, threats, stalking, kidnapping, harassment or anything else that inflicts some sort of physical or emotional damage onto a family member.

Domestic violence often escalates over time as well. That’s why, at the first sign of abuse, it’s important to get law enforcement help and legal help.  In Palm Springs, an experienced domestic violence lawyer can help you put into place several legal devices that can protect you and maybe even save your life.

An attorney can help make clear-headed decisions based on facts, removing the emotional component that can cloud judgment and thinking about what is best for a particular situation.

One of the ways this can happen is by helping victims file an emergency protective order or a restraining order that can immediately keep a spouse or another family member from approaching the victim.  Doing so can result in an arrest.

An attorney can also help in the filing of custody or spousal support order to make sure family members such as children are protected as well, in addition to being financially taken care of.

No matter what the situation is, the most important thing to do is to take steps to de-escalate a situation using a variety of legal means to ensure everyone’s safety immediately and going forward.

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